Ale and Yana moved from Moscow to Kaliningrad and drastically changed their profession. They both had a great background before starting ice cream production. Ale has been experimenting with his nutrition for years and, as a result, improved his health, never feels seek and loves to walk without shoes all year around. Yana found a unique connection between dance and yoga. Also, she inspired Ale to create unique ice cream, once treating him with raw cashew-base tart at home. During the first three months in Kaliningrad Ale created the first recipe, after half a year Warm Ice production was opened, in December 2018 they opened in «Еurope» shopping centre.

«The significance of our life – active longevity in happy relationships, because the one who is next to you is an endless delight. Our ice cream with super-food, made in Kaliningrad from plant-based products without heating, animal milk and chemically derived components, helps us to slow down ageing, as a result – extends happiness of your beloved ones»,  Ale and Yana.

Ale Kor
Moroccan Technologist) Co-F

My ice cream passion started when I was 5 years old. Me and my dad were competing in the amount of popsicles eaten in limited time. I could not handle more that 10 popsicles at once. Several years ago I came back to myself and my true believes, and I managed to create a recipe of a new desert, that can be eaten without quantity limits and follow the path of long-livers. I live. I breath. I love.

Yana Kor

Hundred of trendy coconut candies as a norm in childhood caused illnesses and mood swings. Now we do divine raw food ice cream and desserts without sugar and stabilizers, which we gladly treat adults and children, without worrying about their health.

Maria Pahomova

During her first flight, she raced hotfoot down the plane and successfully opened parachute. Several months lived in a forest and saw endless of expanse and depth of silence in every sunrise. Now in WARM she enlivens the landscape and decorating space, leaning human hand against nature.